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Sandy Springs shooting case closes violently in Harlem | News

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Sandy Springs shooting case closes violently in Harlem

SANDY SPRINGS, GA -- A shooting case from a year ago is getting a lot more attention now -- because of the violent way in which it was resolved.

The crime was a mistaken identity shooting at an apartment complex in April 2011, in which a 19 year old named Julian Wilson was shot six times, but survived.   Police identified a 23 year old gang member named Rudolph Wyatt as the gunman.

"It was an impulse thing," said Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs PD. "He saw him outside the apartment. He took a gun from his clothing. He went out and shot the man."


Following the shooting, Wilson disappeared and stayed gone until this week. 

A surveillance video posted on the New York Post's website shows what happened.  Police were called to a robbery in progress at a drug store in east Harlem.  As New York police go to the front door, Wyatt fires a shot at them from inside the pharmacy.

The police take cover, and Wyatt dashes out the door and across the street.  But there, a retired New York cop who'd seen what had happened pulled a pistol, shot and killed Wyatt.


The fact that Wyatt went out firing at police doesn't surprise police in Sandy Springs.

"The information that we got basically painted a picture that this guy would not give up easily," said Capt. Rose.

Police say that shootout in Harlem -- and the death of the suspect -- closes the book on the case in Sandy Springs.


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