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Tripp Halstead 'resting very comfortably' | News

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Tripp Halstead 'resting very comfortably'

ATLANTA -- Tripp Halstead's parents should find out Tuesday how well their little fighter is fairing against a potentially deadly bacterial meningitis infection. For now, his father Bill Halstead said "Tripp is resting very comfortably."

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Monday night Bill posted on the Halsteads' Facebook page: "It is amazing how good he looks considering what he has been through. His trademark crazy hair is coming back and you can hardly see his scar, if I were to put him in his bed at home you would never know anything had happened to him."

After more than three months in the hospital, Tripp's parents had finally hoped to take their son home last week and had even prepared his Winder bedroom, when he suffered a major setback. He underwent emergency surgery to remove a shunt designed to drain fluid and relieve swelling on his brain. In the process, he became septic.

"Basically all the bacteria that had attached itself to the pump and tubing released into his body," Bill posted on Friday. "Tripp has multiple levels of infection, he has meningitis and inflammation in his ventricles, he has infection in his blood."

Monday afternoon, Tripp's mom Stacy Halstead posted: "Tripp was awake most of the night and has started shaking a little but they are on top of it and getting it under control. They still think he is doing better. Still has an infection in his blood so not sure how much longer we will be in ICU. They are doing all that they can to fight it. He is such a little trooper and hanging in there."

"I really hate all the recent setbacks we have had to face, more for Tripp's sake than ours, but still tough on all of us," Bill posted Monday night. "The only silver lining in it all has been that it all happened while we were still here (at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite), so we had the best people available watching over Tripp and getting him the right treatment as quickly as possible. We know he is getting the best treatment available, and the staff here is awesome, from the surgeons to housekeeping, everyone really cares. I imagine tomorrow will just be another rest and recuperate day, gotta kick that infections butt!! I am looking forward to the doctors report (Tuesday) so we can see where our little fighter is in his recovery."

More than 200,000 people around the world have been praying for Tripp and following his progress on Facebook since he was injured by a falling tree limb at his daycare in October.

"One thing I thought was neat is that if Tripp were to give everyone who follows his progress here a hug, google says average hug is 3 seconds, he would spend over 8 days doing nothing but giving hugs!!" Bill posted. "Well, that is not entirely accurate I guess....I know Stacy and I will stretch that out at least a couple more days hugging him ourselves!! Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, we can see and feel them at work!!"


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