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Should Sandy Springs consult Brookhaven to grow? | News

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Should Sandy Springs consult Brookhaven to grow?

SANDY SPRINGS, GA (WXIA) -- If your neighbor plans to build something in his yard that increases traffic on your block, should you get a say in how it all comes together?

That's the heart of a debate that not between two people, but between two neighboring cities.

Proposed construction is set precisely on the Brookhaven and Sandy Springs border at Old Johnson Ferry Road.

If Sandy Springs approves a mixed use development on the border, expect more housing, office buildings and – if you ask the Brookhaven mayor – traffic.

Brookhaven mayor Rebecca Chase Williams plans to speak out about this before another city's government this week.

"I think we just feel like we were left out of the loop on communicating about this particular development," Williams said,

The development being considered by Sandy Springs on Thursday is something that will affect Brookhaven, too.

"People got pretty upset that this development is going on, and we just heard about it within a few weeks of the planning commission vote," she said,

They're upset by the potential for more traffic in an already high-traffic area by a hospital, a daycare and 400. That area near "Pill Hill" on Old Johnson Ferry Road could become even more jammed, if one "neighbor" approves construction.

"We always want to be good neighbors and good neighbors listen to each other. Sometimes neighbors don't get to do exactly what neighbors would like the other one to do," explained Sandy Springs neighbor Rusty Paul

Although there is no legal requirement for one city to consider another's opinions on growth, we asked Williams if she believed it should be considered.

"No, I don't think so. We respect their sovereign rights and I'm sure they respect ours, but in the spirit of being good neighbors I hope they'll listen to us."

Paul said of course he'll listen, like a good neighbor.


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